How fast is Vodafone’s new 850mhz portable WiFi network?

850mhz recently went to different parts of Sydney to test Vodafone’s new network to determine download speeds.

On Vodafone’s new 850mhz portable WiFi network, they achieved download speeds of 2.26 Mbs in Sydney CBD (which converts to 283 Kbs).  This means that a Megabyte of data was downloaded every 3.6 seconds.

They found every faster speeds when they tested in Ryde, reaching download speeds of 4.75 Mbs (which converts to 592 Kbs).  This equals a Megabyte every 1.7 seconds.

With the average song being around 4 Megabyte’s, using the new Vodafone network means that you could be listening to your favourite music in less than 7 seconds!

The tests indicate that pocket WiFi speeds are fast and allow you to enjoy the flexibility of internet access wherever you in Australia are without compromising on download speeds.

Get a Pocket WiFi device to connect to the 850mhz network.

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