Optus Mini Portable Wifi

Optus has released it’s own portable wifi device on the Australian market and it is called the Mini WiFi Modem. It costs $0 upfront (on some specific plans only) on a 24 month contract; we’re unsure if it’s available for prepaid and non-contract markets as of yet but surely this is in the pipelines.

On the low end, their entry level plan costs $20 per month for which you receive 1Gb during peak hours and up to 2Gb during off peak times. You’ll also pay $129 for the portable wifi modem upfront.

Mid level plans start at $40 per month and include up to 7Gb of peak data and up to 14Gb of off peak data; $0 up front cost for the portable wifi modem on a 24 month contract. This is great value for those people who require a little extra data.

On the high end, you’ll pay $90 a month and receive a hefty 10Gb of data during peak usage hours and up to 20Gb for off peak hours. Perfect for those households who have more than 1 person using the internet connection and multiple devices connected to the portable wifi device.

If you are looking for portable wifi device that provides more value for your money, you might be interested in the Vodafone Pocket Wifi device instead. You can watch my video review here.

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Nathan December 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm

I’m starting work at Aurecon in the new year. In my information brochure, it has ‘Employee Benefits’ with Optus listed, I was curious on whether this benefit could be used with this portable wifi unit?

Kind Regards


susan August 6, 2011 at 9:45 pm

I bought on of these Huawei E583c modems from optus for $99 and i am having problems with picking up my messages .. where do you go to read messages i wasnt given and webpage to go to ,to read my mail .. please help


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