Best Value iPad 2 Micro SIM Pre-Paid for Mobile Broadband

iPad 2 3GIf you have bought the 3G version of the iPad or iPad 2, you may have thought shortly after opening the box – “What… The iPad 2 doesn’t come with a SIM card?  I need to go buy one myself before I can access the internet from it?

Yes… That is correct, the iPad and iPad 2 3G versions allow you to access mobile broadband so you do things like browse the internet and read e-mails from it, however you need to purchase a Micro SIM card with a data plan before you can do this.  So where do you start to look?  Having looked at all the different options, Telstra appears to be good value at $30 for the start up kit which includes the Micro Sim and 3GB of data.  Then for the recharge, the best value deal is 12GB for $150 which can be used over a 12 month period.  The iPad 3 is rumoured to have 4G capability however this has not been confirmed.

My solution – Amaysim Mobile have recently come out with a Micro SIM data plan which allows you to access mobile internet from your iPad and iPad 2.  The plan is great value.

  • $99 for 10GB which can be used for 365 day

If want mobile broadband from your iPad and iPad 2 and you are looking for a micro SIM data plan for your iPad (or other tablet), Amaysim Mobile have a great offer, click here!

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