Wifi Articles

Here you can find a collection of articles focused on the Australia portable wifi market. If you’re unsure about the types of products on the market or which one will best suit your needs, you might find what you’re looking for here.

Buy Antivirus Software Online – Looks at why it’s important to select the right software package for your computer security needs.

iPhone Personal Hotspot Or Dedicated Wifi Modem – Unsure about which hotspot will be suit your needs? You’ll want to read this article!

Compare Wireless Internet Providers – This article looks at everything you need to know about Australian wireless broadband providers.

Vodafone Pocket Wifi Review – This video review takes a look at Vodafone’s pocket wifi device. Covers off on everything you need to know about this broadband product.

Portable Wifi for iPad – A look at how a portable wifi hotspot can connect your wireless only iPad in addition to other devices to the Internet

Telstra Mobile Wifi Unlock – An article that looks at the work being done to unlock Telstra’s mobile wifi device at no cost.

Telstra Mobile Wifi – Telstra was one of the last companies to bring a portable wifi device to the Australian market. This article looks at their offer and whether it’s value for money.

Portable Wifi Router – What exactly is a portable wifi router? How does it work and how does it compare to other mobile broadband products like USB wifi.

ViViFi By Vivid Wireless – Only available in most metropolitan areas, this article looks at the plans provided by Vivid Wireless.

Portable Wifi Questions – Many people have questions due to portable wifi being a fairly new device on the market. These 2 email questions address using portable wifi for console gaming as well as using a hotspot for the iPad.

Portable Wifi VS Tethering – What’s better? This article looks at which is the best option depending on your needs and circumstances.

Optus Mini Wifi Modem – Optus were one of the first to market with a portable wifi device. This article looks at their plans on offer and the cost of the service.

Vodafone Pocket Wifi – A quick look at Vodafones portable wifi device and what it can be used for. This article also covers off on wireless security for hotspots.