Vodafone Pocket WiFi ExtremeVodafone Pocket WiFi Extreme is a combined modem and router that allows faster speeds than any other mobile broadband device available from Vodafone, including the Pocket WiFi™2. Like the Pocket WiFi 2, the Pocket Wifi Extreme is capable of providing instant portable WiFi when it’s needed, but at up to eight times faster than the average 3G modem.

Pocket WiFi Extreme can be used with any portable device that can access the Internet through Vodafone 3G+ network. This means you can have really fast mobile broadband on your smartphone, tablet, games console and laptop. With Pocket Wifi Extreme you can connect up to 10 different devices to your pocket WiFi at the same time.

The Pocket WiFi Extreme is a lightweight (150g) 3G modem, measuring just 101.8mm by 65.8mm, and 14.5mm in-depth. It’s very easy to set up and use, with micro-SD memory expansion of up to 32GB.

One big advantage with Pocket WiFi Extreme is that you can get up to 10 hours of connectivity before needing to recharge the battery. On standby the battery should last for around 60 hours, with Wireless Internet switched on, and up to 500 hours on standby with WiFi turned off. The battery can easily be recharged from any electric power socket, or with USB connection.

It should be noted that the speed of your mobile broadband with Pocket WiFi Extreme may vary, depending on the download source, the Internet device you use and local conditions, but you still have the fastest available portable WiFi using Vodafone 3G+ network.

The ability to access mobile broadband at such fast speed makes the Pocket WiFi Extreme a great portable WiFi service for quick downloading, when you want to watch videos and for gaming on your portable device.

By creating your own portable WiFi, you will never again need to search for a WiFi hotspot when you’re out. It’s also more secure to have your own portable WiFi when using a laptop, tablet or smartphone for work.

Vodafone has a risk-free network guarantee, so you can cancel within 30 days and pay nothing more if you are not happy with their service. They will even refund the cost of a month-to-month mobile broadband plan if you return your device in its original condition.

The low cost of using Vodafone Pocket WiFi Extreme makes it a very attractive choice. Just $30 per month gives you 4GB of mobile broadband and you can easily purchase additional data usage if you run out before the end of the month. There is nothing to pay upfront if you take out a 24 month contract.

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Pocket WiFi ModemPocket WiFi™ 2 is an ingenious little device that connects you wirelessly to the internet.  You can connect up to five devices to it such as your laptops, iPad, smartphone or gaming console and achieve very fast internet speeds.  It creates the perfect way to securely browse the internet, e-mail, play games and download music, movies and other content with ease.

The pocket WiFi™ 2 is both a portable modem and WiFi router.  It is the superb solution for people do not wish to commit to a fixed line broadband contract (particular for those who rent, move homes regularly or do not have a fixed phone line at home) and for those who want to access the internet wherever they are whether it be at home, work, on the bus or on holidays.

Because it is portable (fits into your pocket), you can access secure and fast internet on the go and download large amounts.

Pocket WiFi™ 2 has been launched by Vodafone and now supports a connection via their new 850mhz network in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. If you live in a metro area, the 850mhz network will provide you with a faster and reliable connection.

There are a host of pocket wifi plans to suit low end users as well as heavy users. Pricing is as follows:

  • $19 per month for 2 Gb of data
  • $29 per month for 6 Gb of data
  • $39 per month for 12 Gb of data
  • $49 per month for 14 Gb of data

All Pocket WiFi™ 2 plans are available from Vodafone and come with their wireless broadband guarantee; if you’re not happy with the service, cancel in 30 days and you will pay nothing more, even if you’re in a contract! It’s a good way to test the service out at no risk.

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850mhz CNet.com.au recently went to different parts of Sydney to test Vodafone’s new network to determine download speeds.

On Vodafone’s new 850mhz portable WiFi network, they achieved download speeds of 2.26 Mbs in Sydney CBD (which converts to 283 Kbs).  This means that a Megabyte of data was downloaded every 3.6 seconds.

They found every faster speeds when they tested in Ryde, reaching download speeds of 4.75 Mbs (which converts to 592 Kbs).  This equals a Megabyte every 1.7 seconds.

With the average song being around 4 Megabyte’s, using the new Vodafone network means that you could be listening to your favourite music in less than 7 seconds!

The tests indicate that pocket WiFi speeds are fast and allow you to enjoy the flexibility of internet access wherever you in Australia are without compromising on download speeds.

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3G Pocket Wifi

Dodo Mobile Broadband have released a new Portable Wi-Fi that allows you to enjoy fast mobile internet speeds wherever you are via the Optus 3G network.

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Pocket Wi-Fi is a compact 3G modem and wireless router combined allowing you to share your Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously.

The device’s compact sized and light weight so you can carry it in your pocket and take it out when you want to go online. It’s that easy!

  • $9.90 per month
  • Includes 500 Mb monthly data allowance
  • Bonus 5 Gb of data in the first month

iPad 2 3GIf you have bought the 3G version of the iPad or iPad 2, you may have thought shortly after opening the box – “What… The iPad 2 doesn’t come with a SIM card?  I need to go buy one myself before I can access the internet from it?

Yes… That is correct, the iPad and iPad 2 3G versions allow you to access mobile broadband so you do things like browse the internet and read e-mails from it, however you need to purchase a Micro SIM card with a data plan before you can do this.  So where do you start to look?  Having looked at all the different options, Telstra appears to be good value at $30 for the start up kit which includes the Micro Sim and 3GB of data.  Then for the recharge, the best value deal is 12GB for $150 which can be used over a 12 month period.  The iPad 3 is rumoured to have 4G capability however this has not been confirmed.

My solution – Amaysim Mobile have recently come out with a Micro SIM data plan which allows you to access mobile internet from your iPad and iPad 2.  The plan is great value.

  • $99 for 10GB which can be used for 365 day

If want mobile broadband from your iPad and iPad 2 and you are looking for a micro SIM data plan for your iPad (or other tablet), Amaysim Mobile have a great offer, click here!

ClubTelco Mobile BroadbandClub Telco’s wireless mobile broadband network covers over 96% of the Australian population.  If you haven’t heard about Club Telco before, here is some information about them:

  • They have 120,000 active services all over Australia and generate revenue over of $50 million per year
  • ClubTelco recently acquired a 75% stake in Eftel to become one of a handful of ISPs with over 100,000 customers
  • They have signed a deal with NBN Co. as part of the NBN mainland trials, allowing us to provide NBN services to our customers
  • They are Australian owned and have 190 employees
  • Their head office is in Melbourne and we also have an office on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland
  • Many of their support functions are based in Australia including Engineering, IT, Provisioning, Marketing and Account Management

To find out more out Club Telco’s mobile broadband, Click Here and complete your details and one of their friendly consultants will be in touch to discuss the best package for you, plans start at $10 per month for 1GB of data and up to 15GB for $55 per month.

Here is my Vodafone pocket wifi review which I recorded in 2011. I’ve been using the device for almost 4 months now and I continue to be impressed with the quality of the connection and the price. It continues to provide great value for money for anyone who requires an affordable portable wifi solution.


UPDATE – The promotion I mentioned in the video has expired. The new one is a little better – 3 month’s 1/2 price access when you sign up online

Additional information I forgot to mention!

1) Battery time is around 4-5 hours while unplugged but I suggest running it off the mains power while at home so it’s always fully charged if you take it out with you.

2) I’ve been using the connection for gaming, namely Starcraft 2 and I’ve had no issues with latency. Same deal for Steam games such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike playing on Australian servers like the ones run by Internode. I can’t comment on services such as Xbox Live but I see no reason for it not to work great as well given my experience on the PC & Mac.

I hope you guys find the Vodafone pocket wifi review useful for your purchasing decision! Follow this link to sign up online and secure the online deal.

P.S – Data allowance has just been increased across all plans!

Three WifiThree have recently refreshed many of their pocket wifi plans and with that update comes a lot of good value for money wireless broadband plans.

The following plans are available on a variety of modems including USB and their own pocket wifi device which allows you to share the connection with other devices like iPhones and iPads.

  • $15 a month for 1.5 Gb
  • $29 a month for 6 Gb
  • $39 a month for 12 Gb (best value)
  • $49 a month for 14Gb

The 3 wifi router uses a Huawei E585 (as pictured) which makes it easy to connect wifi devices such as laptops the latest smartphones.

As a bonus for ordering your 3 wifi modem online, you will receive a bonus AVG anti-virus subscription for 12 months absolutely free; a necessity for worry free Internet browsing. Click here to view their website and grab wireless broadband deal today!

The latest USB wireless modem to come on the market is the highspeed Vodafone mega modem. This review covers off on what you’ll find inside the box, what the modem software is like, what speeds it achieves on speedtest.net as well as some real Internet usage. If you have any questions not addressed in my video review, please leave them in the comments section and I will do my best to answer your query.

Be sure to watch in 720p!

The Vodafone mega modem operates on their new 850MHz network which provides speeds up to 20mbit in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

It is available on pre-paid, month to month as well as 12 and 24 month contracts which allow you to get the modem for free. It’s a plug and play modem which supports both Windows and Mac; it’s a breeze to connect.

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Buy Antivirus Software OnlineIf you have a pocket wifi device If you’re concerned about the ever-growing threat of hackers or personal and business data theft, perhaps it’s time to buy antivirus software online before your privacy is invaded, your data stolen and sold to Chinese or Russian criminals.

But searching for antivirus programs for your PC can be a difficult endeavour in itself; there are security applications for home, small office and large business; which is the appropriate choice for you?

In order to make the right selection, it’s important to understand the computer security threats that Australian’s face every time they use the Internet. While varied, these threats are very real and typically fall into one of the categories listed below.

Data & Identity Theft

Data and identity theft is an ever-growing problem for all Australians. In the past it was only of concern to large companies but with the increased use of social networking sites such as Facebook, data theft is now having a massive impact on every day Internet users.

Once your computer is infected, hackers install keylogging software which allows them to break into your Facebook account so that they may harvest personal information such as your date of birth, work history, friends and family list, photos and video. In fact, hackers will copy everything from your Facebook page dating back to when you first opened your account.

Facebook security settings cannot guard against this type of keylogging attack and hackers are using private information taken from your Facebook account to apply for loans, credit cards and generate fake ID to sell on the black market.

If a hacker gains access to your Facebook account, they can cause irrevocable damage to not only your personal reputation but your credit score as well. Because of the social nature of Facebook, your account will fetch a high price to criminals which is why hackers now target them.

Spyware & Malware

Spyware is a type of small program designed solely to collect various types of private information on what you do on your computer. This includes what websites you visit, where you buy products online and how you make purchases.

Spyware has become such a lucrative market for hackers and criminals that they now develop updated versions of their programs which are then uploaded to your computer in order to escape detection.

If you don’t have the latest antivirus update, you will fall victim to spyware and won’t even know until it’s too late!

Malware, which is short for malicious software, are programs designed to disrupt and hijack your computer for other uses than you had in mind.

In fact, Russian and Chinese criminals have been known to specifically target Australian users as many antivirus programs developed by American software companies fail to detect viruses written for users in other countries.

The hackers know that even if Australian users have a security software suite installed, it’s typically outdated, leaving the user vulnerable to spyware and malware the hackers have at their disposal.

Once installed, the criminals begin using the infected computer to send out mass amounts of spam and will also use your computer as part of a bot army. Your PC will then be engaged in computer crimes such as denial of service attacks on other websites and other nefarious services too disgusting to discuss here.

If you’ve ever noticed your computer running slow and your Internet usage going through the roof (leading to massive excess usage bills and depleted quota!), it’s likely your computer has been infected by malware and is now a part of a criminal botnet.

What’s worse is that many hackers are now offering malware under the guise of free antivirus software online! Your personal data has such high value to criminals that they have become very conniving; they’ll do anything to get their program installed on your computer including the development of fake antivirus programs that are distributed under the header of free.

Thankfully, a simple solution is at hand. If you feel you need antivirus protection (and you do!), it’s best to purchase a security program specifically designed to defeat the threats Australian Internet users face.

Founded in 2004 , IObit is focusing on providing home users a great comprehensive system of utilities and security software for great PC performance and security . Their mai product Advanced SystemCare, IObit is used by millions of people around the world.

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